2015 Recipient

This year’s recipient was chosen  by a panel of adjudicators made up of retired school administrators.

Somaya pic

Ms. Somaya Amiri knew two words of English when she arrived in Canada from Afghanistan in 2011. Last year she won her school’s academic achievement Outstanding Student Award  and this years’ Award of Excellence. She has been a Future Science Leader and studies Spanish and French.

Ms. Amiri  was a Youth Ambassador for orientations for immigrant youth, has led anti-discrimination groups for CitizenU and Fresh Voices From Long Journeys, leads a humanitarian Youth for Change club affiliated with Free the Children and is on the Youth Advisory Team for the Vancouver Foundation. Somaya has applied successfully for a grant to start an English Welcome Club: to improve English language skills.

“Growing up in Afganistan my life was limited by a complete lack of access to education. I feel I have a responsibility to succeed, not only for myself, but for the millions of girls around the world who dream of these opportunities.”

Somaya will pursue a Science undergraduate degree majoring in Pharmacology with the goal of medical school to specialize in reconstructive surgery to help victims of violence.