2019 Award Recipient Thea Melodias

The 2019 Danielle Horwitz Social Justice Award recipient is Ms. Thea Melodias.

My name is Thea Melodias, and I am the of the recipient of the Danielle Horwitz Social Justice Award this year. I am truly honored and humbled to receive this scholarship, and I am grateful for the opportunities it will provide me.

As a high school student in Tupper, I dedicated most of my time volunteering, especially in the school community team, where we lead after-school programs for elementary students. I was also the founding president of Tupper’s Filipino Culture Club. We helped newcomers students from the Philippines transition into their new life here in Canada. I grew up with the values instilled by my parents of helping others when I can because when I was young I was surrounded by poverty on a small island in the Philippines.  I saw families (and my own as well) struggling, and asking for help from others and being greedily shunned. It has always been my dream to get a degree and find a job that I love and get my family out of poverty, while also helping others along the way. I plan to go to Langara college and get a diploma in business management and further my studies in either Langara or BCIT to acquire my degree in International business management.

Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a big role in achieving my educational dreams. Because of your generosity, the financial burden placed on me to pursue my education will be greatly reduced.

You’ve named this scholarship in honor of Danielle Horwitz. I hope that through my diligence and drive for my studies, as well as my passion for helping other people, I am honoring her through my future successes. Rest be assured that I will surely help other young women in the future, in honor of the generosity that you have shown me.

Thea Melodias
Tupper Graduate 2019